Truth Matters

I’ve discovered that one of the greatest joys in live is giving a voice to thought, passion arises.  It’s a gift to enjoy and at least a current freedom. 

I’ve spent a lifetime playing games for a living,The most innocent games were played in the backyard growing up in Galesburg, Illinois. No politics, pure joy! No false flags, no untruths, pure enjoyment with friends. 

With that said, Organized ball, HS and college had its politics at times when coaches seemed to play favorites. I experienced it, you know it! 

But with MLB games, there was no politics. The best generally played hard against the best with no strings. The greatest thing about pro sports is its purity. Yes, the umpires make mistakes. But there was No elite person calling the shots unless some athlete was compromised! Even then we have seen it! A few scandals over the years and yes, Pete Rose! 

I know when I’m in a game and we have been played! Played again in this time by elites who think they will win.  I know differently; Played by media on both sides looking for ratings. Played by politicians, played by many who blog with seemingly unmatched truth , expressing ultimate authority . False hopes lie therein! With this, There is Only a minority of media sights we can trust and even then not all is truth. 

We seem to be in a culture, not new to this time, where we are moved in opinion, get all worked up for nothing. 

One thing is clear from the last four years; we have a greater understanding of the players and their games, their evil ways. No more innocence! 

Many of us have been lead down a path of putting confidence in one man, President Trump. He has done many things well and captures the hearts of many but he is a man and he is not our God. God will not have us put out confidence in anyone but Him. He is jealous for our affections! 

Now we come come to the understanding of where God is leading us, faith in Jesus! He will not let us down and He will be victorious! 

Stay tuned, hold on to your seats and watch Him work the miraculous in the midst of conflict coming our way!