Jim Sundberg Today

In the early years, his acceptance of speaking engagements was generally out of a sense of responsibility because he had seen others players before him take the time to address fans. Public speaking was one of the most fearful things he did but continued to push through the fear until the fear turned to fun. And the fun of speaking turned into a passion and a realization that he was good at it. He was actually a natural at speaking like he was with gear on behind the plate.

Pushing through fear to attain a better understanding of himself and the added level of success, would actual be a major theme for his life. Because what most of you do not realize about Jim is the great private struggle he confronted with fears of every kind.

On the very front end of his professional baseball career, the one issue that Jim thought would keep him out of the “Big Leagues” was his fear of flying. For several years, he privately handled the emotional trauma he was feeling by himself without understanding that, the fear of “what might happen” or “what if”, was generally not real.

Once in a discussion with a US fighter pilot, Jim asked the pilot if he experienced fear going into battle? The pilot responded, “courage doesn’t have the absence of fear, courage is moving forward even when confronted with fear. Some fears are normal, many are unrealistic”. As with many fears, if one has the courage to push through it, with all its emotional anxiety and energy, there is great reward on the other side when the fear turns. And it will!

 In last six months of being away from Major League Baseball and reflecting, Jim has decided to use his vast experiences and breakthroughs to invest in the lives of others. The investment theme is not new but the execution of going to the next level with a longtime goal is new and the next phase. While public speaking has been something pursued in the past its generally been next to a primary job responsibilities. Jim will now more proactively engage groups on numerous topics, where a discovery is needed to make a breakthrough, as in the case with his understanding on fear.