What matters to you when it comes to legacy?

The world characterizes legacy as personal fame accomplished in life that carries the personal admiration of others.  In other words, the world’s definition of legacy is tied to individual accomplishments and achievements, giving the individual the credit.

I’m not here to say that personal achievements have no benefit. While there is some instant gratification in personal accomplishments one must be challenged to look at the bigger picture. An uncommon approach to legacy is when we use our gifts in partnership to Gods calling, in accordance to our God given skill set.  

So, what matters when it comes to legacy? It matters when we use our natural gifts to bring God glory.

How do you view legacy?

Depending on your belief system, will determine how you view legacy. One view of legacy will be centered a round a belief in God. Most of you know I believe in a Heavenly Father that sent His Son to die for us and whomever believes in Him will have eternal life. It’s from this big picture perspective of eternal life that I’ve landed on the meaning of legacy. I have come to believe and accept that legacy is a spiritual journey.

There are four points I want to make on LESSONS LEARNED on LEGACY using the purpose statement previously mentioned.


  • Excelling in natural gifts while honoring God
  • Love is central theme to life
  • Freedom is a key to investing in and loving others
  • Our advantage in Serving God

1) Excelling in natural gifts while honoring God. When we excel in our natural gifts and give him the credit, it honors Him. I felt Gods pleasure when I played ball. I had four jobs in life where I felt this pleasure (player, broadcaster, coach, front office executive).

Chariots of Fire, was a 1981 British historical sports drama film. It is based on the true story of two British athletes in the 1924 Olympics: In that film, one of the athletes,  Eric Liddell tells his sister Jenny, who wanted him to go to the mission field and not run, he felt Gods pleasure when he ran. It’s that God-connection that matters to legacy.

It’s good to work and feel Gods pleasure. Establishing a legacy of pleasure in work and giving God glory is a great thing to influence your kids and others.

Are you using your natural gifts to give God Glory, and experiencing His pleasure?

2) Love is a central theme to life. Ability to love God and love others is connected to a relationship with Jesus. Not talking about the song “all you need is love”! One cannot purely love another without Jesus kind of love, its transformational and doesn’t waver, its consistent. Love without the truth of Jesus isn’t lasting!

Putting your kids in an environment to know the love of Christ and then later supporting that value in your kids, as they invite their kids into that same love relationship with Jesus is of the highest calling. Christ love is nothing we promote, it comes from within forged by the Holy Spirit. That’s a foundational legacy builder! In the process of demonstrating love to our kids, we all make mistakes, so asking forgiveness is a key. But the failsafe is that the love of Jesus is passed down. That love lives on in this world, when we are gone, and lives on with us into eternity.

Stay tuned for part 3