Corporate Topics: Leadership, Teamwork

1st hit, last hit and 1600th game caught ball. In this picture we have included Jim’s 1st Major League Baseball Home Run ball from July 1974 featuring Jim’s bobblehead doll.

Jim Sundberg’s speaking topics are designed for the corporate environment. Jim takes his expertise during years at the top in a highly competitive business environment to create breakthroughs in success for businesses and organizations. With six years experience as the Senior Executive Vice-President for the Texas Rangers, Jim will walk you through the highlights and pitfalls which any organization may face. Some sample business and keynote topics include:

Topic: Leadership

Title: “StepUp To The Plate”

Stepping up to the plate is when the batter enters the zone at the height of focus, a plan is in place to succeed. The drive, desire, determination to win, and the outcome is up to him. StepUp To The Plate is about leaders taking responsibility for results and the desired outcome. That’s what leaders do! In business, it might be the results of a project or event for which responsibility must be taken. The outcome rest on him or her and there is no one else to blame for lack of success.

This leadership piece is designed to look at key aspects of taking leadership responsibility:

  • What is being in the zone?
  • How do I maximize my ability to focus?
  • Problem solve?
  • Making adjustments to the plan?
  • Priorities in leading my staff?
  • And many more!

Jim will work with each group to determine which bullet points work for their group, team or organization. This keynote clarifies what it takes to succeed in leadership at the higher levels.


Topic: Teamwork

Title: “The Winning LineUp”

When a manager makes out a starting lineup before the game, he has carefully selected the players he believes will be the best at “working together in their skill set at each position” in order to have an advantage over the other team. There is no other sport that lends itself to understanding a team’s organization and the best working characteristics of a team than baseball. Nine positions bring different skill sets, different personalities, and different tenure all working side by side with one goal in mind, to win. When the cooperation of the team is needed to succeed, this keynote is a must. Having played on championship teams and worked in the corporate sports environment for winning organizations, Jim’s entertaining talk brings the importance of team to a new level.

  • Eyes needed to place the right people in the right place at the right time!
  • Understanding people dynamics that bring team success!
  • Trouble shooting personalities releasing full potential!