Faith Observations

Nothing like a great story! This is about the greatest story ever told! The result is repentance and freedom from sin.

What is freedom? I’m not talking about being free from slavery although there are some benefits spiritually in being a bond servant to Christ. But freedom can come in many packages.

Emotional freedom is ultimately a key to peace of mind. I pray if this isn’t you, you find it. But there is also spiritual freedom from religious rituals and religious activity. Both are based in works and not Grace.

Freedom is the acceptance from God in who he has made you. Those who know freedom know what I’m talking about.

Freedom is being free from daily fears. If you spent as much time being motivated by fear and then pondered it to the depth I have, you would understand freedom.

Does work have you in knots, family pressures pressing in, issues in bad relationships, financial concerns?

Freedom starts in relationship with Jesus. Period! Author and Perfecter of our faith! Jesus life, death and resurrection is the greatest story ever told. Faith in Him defuses our fears! Freedoms ultimate pathway. No longer a slave to fear!

It’s been a long journey to get this this point of discernment. I envy people and am so grateful for those who got there quicker than I did. And yet pursuing freedom is a daily occurrence because of the pressures against us in this life. But there is a difference between never escaping the bondage of oppression (slavery) and living life on the other side with freedom.

My journey to completing my freedom walk started just 7 years ago at the age of 62 and continues today. Take heart fellow warriors who are pursuing a road less travelled. I pray you’ll get there before I did.

I attended a Quest event which opened the doors to the conclusion of some internal strife. I had just come off a bad conclusion to my tenure as Sr. Executive VP of the Texas Rangers with Nolan Ryan as President. Ryan had left the Rangers in Oct of ‘13 and I stayed on until June of ‘14. It ended up being the worst 7 months of employment as I got side-barred after Ryan’s departure. I made some mistakes but also got taken advantage.

My Quest event opened the door to healing and further emotional and spiritual freedom. When one has an encounter with the living God you can’t help but be changed. That’s what happens on the Quest events and then you carry that on into life at home.

Knowing your identity in Christ is a huge factor. A son or daughter of the King of Kings, a child of God, chosen, a family member of the Kingdom of Grace (unconditional love and acceptance, forgiveness of sins, mercy, Gods presence, healing and access to more)! This is just a few things brought to mind at a Quest event where one is able to connect with uncovering truth, unlocking identity and unleashing the passion within.

This past weekend we celebrated the freedom from a resurrected Jesus. The author and perfecter of our faith. It’s the greatest story ever told and it matters.
Happy Easter!