Sports to Life

Personal Struggles and Breakthroughs

One’s personal breakthrough experience can often be the motivator needed for someone or their group toward a discovery that frees them to be all God intended. Jim’s testimony of his personal struggles and breakthroughs with fear and depression will guide others to break free from whatever hinders their success.

BOTTOM of the 9TH

Fear can appear to put your back to the wall with an overwhelming anxiety that paralysis a person or group. A new attitude or approach is required to establish the momentum to come from behind and win. Jim can tailor this to any group that meets the need of that assembly.

THREE KEYNOTE VENUES: (1) Worship Service and (2) Men’s Leadership Breakfast; (3) School Fundraisers


This is a spiritual piece for churches about the Armor of God that explains a different battle on a different plain. Jim weaves his personal experiences and discovery about God’s word and power to overcome spiritual obstacles.

THREE VENUES: (1) Keynote for Worship Service, and (2) Men’s Leadership Breakfast, (3) 8-Part Discipleship Program for a Men’s Weekend Retreat