Youth Sports / Community

Youth Sports and Community involvement

As part of a community outreach with the West Texas Carbon Fire Department, Jim is presented a Fire Fighters helmet from the 9-11 attack which was signed by the Carbon Fire Fighters

Youth Sports and Community Camps

The youth sports environment of today is a mine field of challenges and tough decisions. More than ever before, parents need to know their role in order to promote the success of their child’s youth sports experience. Jim and his wife, Janet, co-wrote “How to Win at Sports Parenting: Maximizing the Sports Experience for You and Your Child” available at Jim and Janet work together or individually at youth sports and community camps to “help parents and coaches maximize the sports experience for themselves and their kids”.

With practical advice, Jim and Janet show how to best parent a child in sports, eliminate the possible frustrations and disappointments, and bring out the best in a sports experience.” –Dave Dravecky, President, Outreach of Hope

Youth Sports

Jim, at a Miracle League event sponsored by the The Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation. In this pic, Jim playing with a camper after advising him he looked like a general manager of a baseball team.


Parenting in Sports

“FUN and FUNdamentals”




Medical studies show that having fun in an activity releases a chemical in the brain that enhances the bodies ability to perform. And, we all know that fundamentals, when learned properly, lead to great execution. Fun and fundamentals work together in youth sports to bring success. Janet and Jim come together to highlight these two principles that combine to be the key to a successful sports experience. Their experiences in pro and amateur sports involving their three children yielded valuable insights and wisdom into enhancing important sports successes. The time families spend together involved in youth sports free parents to understand their role, and thus, help everyone enjoy the sports experience so that memories live on to the next generation.

Autographing at a Youth Sports and community events

Jim and other former Texas Rangers signing autographs at a Texas Rangers Foundation event.


Parents, Coaches,
& Organization



Spring training is the time that major league teams come together in preparation to ready themselves, get in shape, and work out the gaps in the upcoming grueling schedule. Youth Sports and Community venues prepare three players for the coming season. Spring Training is geared for the parents, the coach, and/or the organization. No parent or coach is born with the innate ability to know how to parent or coach sports. We generally learn through our experiences, whether good or bad, and try to mirror the good ways we were taught while avoiding that which hindered one’s own growth. The Sundberg’s will guide parents and/or coaches and sports organizations through a process of collaboration to get the most out of the sports experience for all.

Youth at camp flexing their growing muscles

Nelson Cruz and Jim play around at a Texas Rangers Foundation event after Nelson presented Jim Sundberg with the Community Service award.