Legacy Playbook

Being a slave to fear is basically being succumb to its terror. It’s being totally focused on its paralyzing effects. Fear can become an idol! Not being a slave to fear is recognizing it’s existence but not being stopped by it with the courage to move on in the midst of it.

Do you get stressed and anxious? Then you deal with some form of fear! It’s a daily occurrence for all even though some don’t recognize it. The root of fear always needs to be brought to the surface by asking a few questions. More on questions later.

There is a need to dig deep to the root then once you get there, it’s about getting an understanding with your answer. In other words, this is the root of my fear, I accept it and will not be deterred by it. It’s worth the struggle to get there. The upside is peace of mind. It’s especially important with Covid.

We are not going to totally know about the Covid illness nor the benefits and side effects of the vaccine for sometime. The reality of Covid is being downgraded all the time and losses reworked down. The vaccine is showing dramatic side effects as an experimental vaccine that is really not approved by the FDA, only approved on an emergency basis! There is a difference.

To be gripped by the fear of Covid and thrown into the vaccine is a risk. Maybe you want to take the risk! Some have died because of its effects, many more side effects are common. Side effects are not uncommon with many vaccines. Authorities know it but always back it up with “the rewards outweigh the risk”.

The worst mistakes I’ve ever made have been based in some form of fear!

In 1986, I got involved in a real estate deal in Austin, Texas. Some of you who know the scene in Austin then know the market went south in the late 80’s. I got involved out of fear that my MLB career was coming to a close in a couple of years and I was afraid of not having anything to pour myself into when the playing field ended.

As a result of the fear, I made a number of mistakes, of which one major one was allowing another person to make decision. Decisions  made on my behalf while I was still focusing on playing ball. I gave responsibility to another person that deceived me into thinking better about the market. I declined to listen to Janet who knew better. Second mistake!

The result was a loss of $1M and a very uncomfortable court appearance when a bank tried to get more money. A judge said no! One day I wrote a check for $600k to get out of the deal.

Fortunately, I was able to play two more years of MLB than expected and recovered the loss. Not without awful stress and anxiety. It taught me never to delegate that responsibility again to another.

There is a great degree of emotional freedom in admitting faults and recovering! Recovering seems to be a key to lives journey. Ones legacy requires recovery from negative circumstances. Make sure you put every effort into recovery. Recovery echos new life! Jesus is the author of new life!

Because of recovery I’ve never shy’d away from taking other risks, I’ve continued to live life, but not like my grandfather.

My grandfather had three brothers and each brother was awarded a farm by great grandfather pre depression era. They had a good asset back then and needed the four brothers to work the farms.

When the great depression hit, the family lost four farms and all the brothers had to move into the main farm with great grandfather to save the one remaining asset. As a result of this loss my grandfather became fearful of owning property and rented a house to live in until my grandmothers death at 92. Years of fear kept them from ever purchasing a home. Fear needs to be navigated with courage to overcome and build on a legacy.

Ask yourself the first important question, “where is this fear coming”? Admitting the fear is a start!

Let’s take it from a work perspective. Why do I feel so much stress and anxiety? Do I have what it takes? Will I just be average and nothing better? Will I succeed or not? Not enough time to complete a task? Deadlines worrisome? A boss that is hard to please? High expectations on myself?

Behind all this is a desire to be appreciated, valued, respected and yes, admired or loved! Maybe you need to switch jobs? Maybe you need to rethink how you get your emotional needs met? What if you had a mindset that you couldn’t fail because no matter what happens, I’ll be OK!

God says “that no matter what happens, I can make it work for your good and My purposes for those that love me”. What better statement is there! No loss becomes too big to overcome! No abuse, no financial loss, no dysfunctional family, no job loss, no relationship loss, no nothing is too big for God! This attitude needs to be at the root of every doubt and fear. It’s a daily reminder.

Those that experience loss have the greatest opportunity to KNOW Him! Not know ABOUT Him but really KNOW Gods capabilities in all situations.

As I said earlier, not being a slave to fear is recognizing it’s existence but not being stopped by it and with the courage to move on in the midst of it.

And it matters when it comes to not being a slave to fear.