Tragedy to Thankfulness

Fear is a great motivator and the opposite of faith. Man uses fear to control and motivate in many unhealthy ways resulting in a lack of trusting God’s faithfulness and goodness. Faith trust and expects the best scenarios that only God can provide!

The Bible says “fear-not” in over 80 references. The reason for so many references is because it’s such a powerful emotion. Have you every thought of fear being a plague? While fear doesn’t fit the definition for a plague it’s seems to be more contagious than Covid. Faith in God motivates us to push past the fear and trust Him for the pathway while relieving our doubts.

For centuries those in authority and many governments have produced a fear so that people will be motivated to follow. For example, in 70’s and 80’s we were lead to fear nuclear war through the buildup of arms with Russia. Fear of Russia was a major component to motivate Americans into cooperating with USA buildup. We now know that America’s intent was to bankrupt Russia. It worked! 

We visited Russia around mid 90’s, not long after the Berlin Wall was demolished in ‘89. After spending two weeks in Russia, I couldn’t believe we were afraid of Russia. The people were very down trodden, the smell of alcohol on a morning bus ride was an eye opening experience, personal ownership was minimal and buildings were constructed poorly. 

There was no such thing as central air conditioning in many houses around the mid 90’s. Home temperatures in the winter were controlled by opening and closing windows to counter an over producing home radiator which was feed from a central heating facility in the city. Cities turned the heat on in November and turned it off in the spring. The 4 foot diameter pipe that feed the houses heat navigated across the top of the ground and over streets in an archaic manner.  Hard to believe! 

Outside of a nice subway system and other advantages in Moscow, there wasn’t a lot to brag about for the rest of the country. The Russian people had been led to believe they were superior to other countries but once finding out the opposite, were embarrassed. All those years Americans were feed with fear of Russia to promote nuclear buildup. 

Man or government will introduce a fear in order to move people to cooperate. This has gone on for centuries to promote a course of action. I even learned this motivation personally as a child, “don’t do that or else”! The latest is the fear of Covid!  Why? What’s the plan to motivate people and to do what?

Nothing has gripped the world in recent years as the fear associated with Covid! Those early days when the government said to stay inside and isolate for 14 days to stop the spread were frightening, its now laughable. In March it sounded like millions of people had a chance of dying! 

Today, the numbers of those who have perished are much lower and overestimated than initially thought. Instructions since last March from those named experts about mask protection have since see-sawed back and forth more than a kid on playground equipment. Fear remains a constant for many! Why? 

There are wealthy nefarious people along with the cooperation of media networks and left wing advocates using Covid for money and control. Welcome to the current round of fear! It is a great deception! We are being led farther into following man and government which is leaving small businesses bankrupt and a country headed deeper into what appears to be socialism.

Who or what protects best? 

Kind of convicting to think of a mask protection being compared to God’s protection. Recently, I was in Cincinnati during extremely cold temperatures where the point of wearing a mask or not became real. The mask kept my face warm outside but it exposed all the breathe molecules that were escaping from all sides of my mask.  

You can’t convince me a mask works in stopping the spread. And evidence shows it. So why then do many wear a mask? “I feel protected and want to protect others” is the cry! What a senseless piece of cloth to put such a trust in with all its holes. 

So why do experts, with the media’s cooperation, use language to elevate the fear? You’ve seen it! Masks being worn now in cars, masks donned while walking outside, use of masks covering while working out and now double masks! Anybody tired of the masks yet? Thank God for Texas. 

The fear of Covid has now taken us from wearing a mask full of holes, for a prescribed two more years by current experts, to now wearing a mask after being vaccinated.  And that’s not enough! Make no mistake, urging people to fear Covid, to wear a mask and taking the vaccine are connected! When enough people have taken the vaccine to meet the required amount of expected revenues by its makers, the masks will go away! 

Many have also been injected with what some doctors believe to be an experimental vaccine without asking questions. Just stay the course sheeple! “Do as I say”, says Uncle Sam.  Nuclear war is just around the corner so you better be afraid of Russia! Make no mistake, the mask will be encouraged or pressured on others until the right amount of people are vaccinated. That’s what we are being lead by, money, power and control! 

Don’t get me wrong here. I try to use wisdom and common sense when taking pills or putting injections in my body. I take a pneumonia shot every 10 years foregoing the annual flu shot. Haven’t gotten the flu in 12 years now. I take a “B12 injection monthly. I also take adequate doses of vitamin “C”, “D” and Zinc for my immune system. I don’t blindly go about life. 

Given a choice I’d rather choose God and His faithfulness any day over masks (government / man) and its fear. It does seem the lines are being drawn here for many; it comes down to those two options. God and man are as far apart in protecting someone as faith is from fear when it comes to emotional stability. 

The only way to combat the fear from  man (government, media)  is with faith in God. Fear says, “I need to follow man because he will protect me, faith responds with I need to follow God because Jesus will protect me. Faith says I won’t die a moment before I’m suppose to! Fear rejoices in more fear! 

Faith in God often motivates us to trust in the unseen by knowing the one who sees and knows everything. I find comfort in Psalm 91 that encourages us to trust in God’s protection during times of pestilence. 

What do you believe about God’s faithfulness in times of crisis? Our belief in God is and can be a driving force when it comes to faith over fear What do you say matters?