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God’s Revelation
“…and an earnest attempt to serve the one and only God who made me.”





Faith Based Speaking Venues

In 1977, years after Jim first started attending church as a youngster, he received Jesus as Lord and Savior. While reading a book by Hal Lindsay, “The Late Great Planet Earth”, Jim made a decision that changed his life forever concerning how he would approach life. A relationship with a living God causes one to choose to take a deeper look at themselves, to see what God wants to do with their heart. That relationship and journey has seen its peeks and valleys, but only to be taught and brought to a higher ground of understanding and revelation about who God is and what He can do in a life when its submitted to Him. Jim’s two faith based speaking topics will communicate God’s revelation about the power of Christ during Jim’s years as a believer.

Faith Based public speaker

Bret Saberhagen, George Brett, Steve Balboni, and Jim Sunberg celebrate the last out in Game 7 of the 1985 World Series Championship. Jim hasn’t gotten that far off the ground in years.




Personal Testimony

“Boundary Lines Fallen in Pleasant Places”







Boundary lines show ownership of territory. And, pleasant places indicate that the territory or property is a prime location. In almost thirty-eight years as a Christian, Jim’s personal journey in a relationship with a personal Savoir has been granted a life forged with pleasant places inside God’s boundary line for his life. Jim weaves the story of his experiences during his career in Major League Baseball from player, broadcaster, coach, and front office executive into uplifting and encouraging messages. Stories filled with personal tragedy to rebirth, baseball successes and World Championships. Jim’s testimony of his breakthroughs with fears, anxiety, and depression will guide others to break free from whatever hinders their quest for abundant life. Ultimately a life lived with Jesus at the center leads to a life where the boundary lines in one’s life leads to pleasant places.


  • Worship Service
  • Men’s Leadership Breakfast



Topic: Armor of God

Title: “A Warrior in Training”

A warrior does not turn from conflict, he engages it with passion. His purpose is to advance and take new territory. Over sixteen years ago, God began to move Jim to a deeper understanding of a higher spiritual conflict that goes on in this world that can effect everything around us. In Jim’s walk with God, he has been taken from the battles of the flesh found in Romans 7 through the spiritual battles in the heavens explained in Ephesians 6. During his journey through the Ephesians passage, Jim found similarities in the armor worn by a Roman soldier with his protective gear worn by a major league catcher. Jim has also discovered the individual armor pieces to be foundational Christian principles that, when understood and utilized, lead to a greater freedom in ones journey. In this presentation, using his catching gear as props, Jim will peel back the deeper meanings to each armor piece, and how to utilize it effectively so that each person can take new territory in their life. People will be encouraged with new revelations about who God is, who God wants to be in ones life, and who God wants to be, a trained warrior!


  • Keynote for Worship Service
  • Keynote for Men’s Leadership Breakfast
  • 8-Part Warrior Discipleship Program for a Weekend Retreat