The stock market has been going crazy, real estate is prime in Texas while oil is creeping up. Other new investments are coming on the scene. Having good investments is important. I’ve invested in a few things over my lifetime and some have not gone well.  But one that reaps longtime benefits is investments in relationships.

I grieve about the lost years in being so consumed with my career I could have come across as uncaring toward others. It’s a fair criticism of myself. My family can voice this self appraisal as well.

Currently, I’m tracking many meaningful relationships; people investing in me and those I’m investing in. Doesn’t get any better! Feel like I’ve just started that journey. While many of you have been doing this for years. It does the heart well to love others and be loved! There is a richness in deep relationships, good for the soul. God smiles on this.

As you know, most of my life I performed in front of many for a living. The Rangers have the greatest fans in the world and support the players very graciously, even more so now while the team develops the next wave of young players. But fans have never been a group to consider as intimate friendships. Many loyalties flow up and down as the tide of performance runs like the waves of the seashore. Most people who followed my career are either dead or aging like me. One has to be almost 50 years of age to remember my career. I can now walk through a Rangers crowd without being known. There is a benefit in being normal and also humbling at the same time.

Loving on my kids never gets old, investments in grand kids is special, participation in friends hurting is spiritual yet beneficial as well. Sharing struggles with close relationships is healing. Gratification abounds as one participates with our Lord God in His Kingdom building whether on the receiving end or proactive in the lives of others.

I’ve often thought how much more I would be ahead if I had invested earlier in others. Ahead in stuff that really matters! Slow down, look around, listen and see God working. Join in and enjoy the ride.

We are in a great position financially but I’ve lost a lot of money going fast and hard; a little less here and there while thinking of others would have paid larger dividends, probably keeping much of what I lost.  In the end I’m thankful for how God has shaped my heart and not all is lost in that journey. Live and learn is the motto. It’s a good thing. Overcoming obstacle does matter to the richness of a legacy. Healing brings additional opportunities to legacy to thwart that which was wrong into rights. Forgiveness rocks the world.

A friend recently wrote this, “So many times I ponder on the fact that our Heavenly Father so desires us to nurture and develop a close, loving relationship with Him. Closer by the day”.

Each day when you get up, think about how you might encourage someone today. Relationships are great investments and they matter.

Be encouraged today!