Championing Your Child Part 2

On a recent blog I talked about my struggle to overcome a childhood background laced with fear. The subject is worth talking about because it’s so prevalent in today’s culture. More so since Covid took center stage.  

I had the fortunate opportunity of playing MLB in Texas with former NY Yankee centerfielder Mickey Rivers. A colorful, no nonsense guy with beautiful comments that emerged at just the right time to greet the circumstance.

Mickey Rivers once said “Ain’t no sense of worrying about things you can’t control because if you can’t control them ain’t no sense of worrying. And ain’t no sense of worrying about things you can control because if you can control them ain’t no sense of worrying”! 

The statement has to be in Proverbs somewhere. 

Life is nice when things “seem to be”under control. Is there really such a thing? Mickey had a great perspective. If one lived in such a simple world as he did the lack of control or the seemingly in control wouldn’t be an issue. 

But life isn’t that way is it? We are moved emotionally by job security, state of our marriage, our health, safety for our children, the list goes on. 

But today there are many aspects in life appearing to be out of control, mostly centering around Covid. When will this Covid thing be over with? When will I be able to get rid of the mask? Will I get Covid and die or will I be in the larger group that will survive? Will a vaccine actually help? Should I or should I not take the shot?

A couple of months ago I got back from Illinois taking care of my recently departed fathers personal matters where fear of Covid was ever present. Having visited there, I actually understand because of the circumstances of “lock down” causing fear to be in ones face daily.  Fear has gripped the world but thank you God for some relief in Texas. 

Covid and my Harley have one thing in common, fear generators! When a person finds out I have a motorcycle I hear from every person, someone they knew that died on a motorcycle, similar fear with Covid. While the chance are slim that death will occur with both, fear propels the day. 

I saw a man killed on a motorcycle when I was very young, haunted me for years. Solution to deal with and control the fear, buy a motorcycle. In other words, choose to not let the fear control me. 

Fear is a relentless emotion that can keep coming at you but it doesn’t have to control you. Choosing to not let fear grip us is a choice. I chose to push through the fear of riding my Harley and after a short time the fear subsided. 

I haven’t had a flu shot in years. Last time I got one I was in hospital fighting for my life two weeks after the shot. My last flu shot was in ‘08. It might be right for you. I have had a pneumonia shot but with a high degree of likelihood, will one day die of pneumonia like most elderly.

Both Janet and I have experienced Covid now, with minor symptoms as most do. No more fear! No need for the shot. Why be vaccinated for something that has a 99.5% recovery rate with a shot that is 95% effective? Not only that, but does it make sense with an experimental vaccine? Be careful, investigate!

We are all going to die some day and we can’t control it so therefore isn’t it smarter to live life without fear with some confidence and assurance in death. A relationship with God makes a difference when it comes to who is really in control and Mickey might have known something about that. 
Psalm 91

Jim Sundberg